Btrbk is a single perl script, and does not require any special installation procedures or libraries. In order to install the btrbk executable along with the documentation and an example configuration file, choose one of the following methods:

Generic Linux System

Install asciidoctor if you want to build the documentation.

Download and unpack the latest btrbk source tarball and type:

sudo make install

Try latest master from Github:

chmod +x btrbk
sudo ./btrbk ls /

Debian Based Distros

btrbk is in debian stable (utils):

Packages are also available via NeuroDebian:

Fedora Linux

btrbk is in the official Fedora repos:

sudo dnf install btrbk

Arch Linux

btrbk is in AUR:

Alpine Linux

btrbk is in the community repository

apk add btrbk

Gentoo Linux

btrbk is in portage:

emerge app-backup/btrbk

Void Linux

btrbk is in Void's current repository

xbps-install -S btrbk