About us

Digital Integrity GmbH was founded in 2007. Since inception we have been assisting customers in several companies. Together with our partners, we provide a wide range of services for (but not limited to) the embedded industry.

We are experienced in the analysis, design and implementation of embedded software, network protocols, security software products and infrastructure.

Our Expertise

The following list provides you with an overview of our field of work as well as our technical know-how.

  • Protocols
    Implementation of efficient, fail-safe and special-purpose protocols for the embedded industry.

  • Real-Time Operating Systems
    Design and implementation of a state machine based real-time operating system for fail-safe embedded devices used in fire safety products.

  • Embedded Linux
    Implementation of an Embedded Linux Platform for fire safty products, connecting several external resources with the main application.

  • Bootloader
    Design and implementation of a bootloader concept for embedded platform, providing flexible software update and testing functionality.

  • Linux Kernel Drivers
    Development of Linux Kernel drivers for the embedded industry.

  • Swiss Notary eRole Register
    Design, implementation and deployment of a highly secure next generation register for the Swiss Government, the "Swiss Notary eRole Register", based on X509 certificates for digital contracts between companies, notaries and citizens.

  • UAVP Quadrocopter Project
    System engineering, implementation of a customized operating system and low-level drivers for the open source "UAVP-NG Project".

  • Server Infrastructures
    Consulting and assembling of server infrastructures for home and small business, focused on security and low-power consumption. Combining network storage, databases, content management, backup solutions as well as web and mail servers.

  • Web Applications
    Development of database driven stand alone and web applications using Perl, PHP, Java, connecting to database backends like MySQL and Oracle.

  • Secure Ad Hoc Networking Protocol
    Analysis and implementation of a secure ad hoc networking protocol, extending Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) by choosing the route based on trust and quality of service (QoS) considerations.

  • Embedded Web Camera
    Analysis and implementation of an embedded web camera running on embedded linux, providing a web frontent.

  • Networks
    Comprehensive knowledge of network protocols (TCP/IP, BACNET, SIP, IPSEC, USB, Bluetooth, I2C, CAN, SPI, RFID, NFC, ...).

  • Programming Languages
    Wide experience in modern programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL and many others.