TinyFSM is a simple finite state machine library for C++, designed for optimal performance and low memory footprint. This makes it ideal for real-time operating systems. The concept is very simple, allowing the programmer to fully understand what is happening behind the scenes. It provides a straightforward way of mapping your state machine charts into source code.

TinyFSM basically wraps event dispatching into function calls, making event dispatching equally fast to calling (or even inlining) a function. Even in the worst case, dispatching leads to nothing more than a single vtable lookup and function call!

Key Features

  • Entry/exit actions
  • Event actions
  • Transition functions
  • Transition conditions
  • Event payload (classes)
  • Inheritance of states and action functions

TinyFSM benefits from the C++11 template metaprogramming features like variadic templates, and does not depend on RTTI, exceptions or any external library.

Please read the documentation for further information.


Latest release: tinyfsm-0.3.3 (download) [2022-06-11]