PhysioFox is a responsive and secure Web-Application for Physiotherapists based on the Polymer Project. For Android devices we provide a full featured App, which comes with an embedded smart card reader appliance for the Swiss Health insurance Card (Schweizerische Krankenversicherungskarte).

PhysioFox is available for free, with following restrictions:

  • Maximum of 20 Patients
  • No access to synchronisation infrastructure
  • No smart card reader functionality

Please contact us if you want access to the full version.

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+++ News +++

PhysioFox goes public
We are proud to announce the first public release! After a long period of testing, PhysioFox is now available for everybody, with free access to the basic features.
WebCryptography API is confirmed on «Safari 11» and «iOS Safari 11»
Finally PhysioFox is fully supported by all major browsers! This finally allows us to support many users of many Apple devices while keeping our security policy regarding cryptography.