Everything is a file!

FileWiki is a simple but powerful web site generator, written in Perl. It provides a framework for creating and maintaining web sites, by combining tools for template creation, markup language processing and content management.

If you are looking for a polished ready-to-deploy web application, FileWiki is not for you. It is a framework for creating web sites with the tools YOU like, in a highly flexible, scriptable way. It completely splits content management and page creation while giving the user the freedom to use his preferred markup language and content management system. It does not rely on any databases or web server plugins. All you need is a web server which is capable of serving static pages.

Web sites are generated out of a single directory tree containing template, content and metadata files. The metadata defines the mapping of source text to web content. For example the directories become a menu structure and the files in it become its menu items. The metadata within a specific page source can tell your template to just use a different css class for the resulting page, or even do some scripted magic.

FileWiki was designed to build corporate web sites or intranet sites out of a CMS repository. For example, the webmaster can review the commits from the editors, then install the new pages with a single command. Another example is to use FileWiki as a commit-hook, updating the web site automatically on every commit.

FileWiki comes with a command-line client, as well as a in-browser Wiki editor.

Please read the documentation for further information.

Latest release: filewiki-0.54 (download) [2019-07-28]