Digital Integrity GmbH is a technology company located in Zurich, Switzerland. We provide comprehensive engineering services, training and technical support in the following areas:

  • Embedded Systems Software
  • Security Appliances
  • Smart hardware and software solutions for end users

Our skills are founded in many years of systems engineering and software development, ranging from high-availability real-time embedded products to secure web applications.

Complying with our customers expectations, we contribute our experience in software development, consulting and project management in order to deliver tailored, reliable and complete products on time.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

+++ News +++

btrbk v0.31.3 released [2021-08-07]
btrbk bugfix / minor feature release.
IRC channels moved to Libera.Chat [2021-05-27]
Due to changes in ownership of freenode.net, all our project channels have moved to Libera.Chat.
btrbk v0.31.2 released [2021-03-21]
btrbk security release: Fix security vulnerability in "ssh_filter_btrbk.sh".
btrbk v0.31.1 released [2021-03-07]
btrbk bugfix release.
btrbk v0.31.0 released [2021-01-10]
btrbk release: Calculate accurate disk space usage based on block regions, improved list and stats output, add zstd support.
btrbk v0.30.0 released [2020-09-23]
btrbk release: Add "lsbtr" command, support IPv6 addresses, busybox compatibility, more elaborated email and rsync options.
btrbk v0.29.1 released [2020-02-09]
btrbk bugfix release.
btrbk v0.29.0 released [2019-10-27]
btrbk release: New comfort action "btrbk ls" (list all subvolumes below path), combined stream_buffer and rate_limit, improved error handling, bugfixes.
FileWiki v0.54 released [2019-07-28]
FileWiki minor feature release: parse man page release version from asciidoc source.